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Meet Linda Kay Strite

Equine Gestalt Coach

Linda Strite assists people to nurture themselves and find their voice so that they can live a

joy- inspired life. She does this through Equine Gestalt Coaching with her horse, Miley.


After a rewarding 18 year career as a Certified Nurse Midwife in major hospitals, Linda felt inspired to shift her focus of service to Healing with Horses and the Birthing of Dreams.  This inspiration led her to the discovery of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, founded by Melisa Pearce, which offers a powerful expression of healing with horses.


Weaving her extensive experience as a midwife, energy medicine training and her love and experience with horses, Linda now provides a unique service to people, providing a safe space to rediscover what inspires them to create the life they want.

During the EGC training Linda worked with a talented horse coach named Miley. She fell in love with this beautiful Rocky Mountain mare, brought her home and welcomed her as her friend and coaching partner.


The beauty of working with horses in this way allows Linda to see and partner with horses from a new perspective that honors their healing gifts.


Linda has had a lifetime commitment to health and healing. In addition to being a certified nurse midwife, she has held a variety of other roles including nurse practitioner, registered nurse and veterinary technician. She has also completed training in energy medicine with the Four Winds Society and enjoyed living on the Navajo reservation as a midwife for 3 years.

Although born and raised in Southern California, Linda spent the majority of her adult life in Northern California. After living in Maryland and Colorado for a few years she he now calls Northern California home again. High on her list of interests is travel. She has travelled not only inside the US but a wide variety of international travel as well. Her free time is highlighted with horses, her dog Jessie, a sweet Border Collie /Aussie, swimming, and playing the Native American flute.


Linda is living her Joy inspired life. What inspires you? Come listen to the whispers of a horse and discover the voice of your wildest dreams.


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