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When was the last time you took an hour just for yourself?

I took an hour just for me, let me tell you about it.

I paused and stepped away from my routines to be seen and heard by a wise and generous horse. I didn’t have to say or do anything to prepare. I needed only to be open and willing to look at any questions around what’s in the way of what I want to shift in my life.

This horse sensed me when I arrived at the arena. He watched me and held sacred space while I talked to my coach – waiting for his turn to connect. He wanted to offer his own unique gifts, if only I was willing to listen, Through his cues and behaviors during my hour, I experienced his unique healing and discovered insights and answers that were inside me all along.

By grounding myself with the earth, I connected to the horse and his stillness. Feeling the healing energy flow between us I could hear what was true for me.

Is it your time to Pause? Take an hour to meet with a horse and connect with your own wisdom – unveiling answers within from your Soul place.

#soul #stillness #equinegestaltcoaching #connection

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