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What's Next for You?

The question foremost in my mind was “what’s next for me?”

I retired from my long time midwife job and moved across the country to live near my family. I wanted something different – a new way to be of service to the world. I hoped somehow to weave together my midwifery background, my energy medicine training and my love of horses, bringing my passions together in a new way – healing and horses.

I heard about a style of coaching that consists of a coach and a horse – together. Intrigued I made an appointment and showed up without knowing much about it.

After talking to my coach that day and sharing my question of “what’s next for me,” I entered the arena with the horse. I walked around the edge in a circle saying “my truth is. . . " (filled in the blanks) and repeated with the guidance of my coach outside.

When I spoke from my heart and filled my words with my dreams, the horse walked alongside me as I spoke. When I turned around so did he, and he continued to walk next to me.

When the question was “ what stops you from your dreams……?” I struggled with an answer and it felt like excuses and just sad. The horse stopped and walked away from me. My coach asked, "why do you think the horse stopped and walked away?” I answered that it was because I stepped out of my truth and dreams into doubt and frustration. I was in my head and not my heart.

Next I was asked to stand in the center and breathe deeply and connect with the earth. The horse came back to me and proceeded to scan my body with his nose from foot to head. He was looking for areas to cleanse and send energy to balance me.

Through my coach’s guidance and this horse’s generous healing gifts, I was able to see and understand where I stop myself and how some of my beliefs were limiting me from creating the life I want.

Where are you in your head and not your heart?

What’s next for you?


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