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Equine Gestalt Coaching with Linda Kay Strite

Who knew?  Humans have long used horses as tools for their work, transportation and war. No one ever glimpsed the magic inside horses because they didn’t know to look. When you invite a horse with your open heart to offer his gifts to you he will respond with uncertainty at first, not knowing if he can trust you. After all, usually we just grab them and throw a saddle on them as carry out our agenda – no invitation offered or honoring of choice. When a horse is raised in love, a trust is developed and their healing gifts are expressed with ease when they are encouraged by the humans.


When you approach a horse to see if he is willing to work with you as a coach for your client, you must be grounded and open hearted and truthful. For example, I am a coach for this client and I am asking if you would like to participate in healing this human with your gifts. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I would be interested in seeing what you see and getting our perspective on this client. Are you willing?

Contact me and let's have a private conversation to explore what this experience can provide for you.
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